BORDER WAR #7 SKYLANCE Ep02 – TRAC French Airsoft Team on YouTube

WONDERFUL STORYTELLING even without having the English subtitles on for this French team vid from TRAC…they rock the Border War event better than any we’ve seen…and they’ll have more episodes uploading soon. ¬†Get on this train!

GOOGLE TRANSLATE: “With Stanley and the Alpha Team we need to be about 92 and extract a pilot of the Task Force which has just spit.

Once in the area, or the rest of the platoon?
Communications are down.
But yet we are not alone …

Organized in Czech Republic April 24 to 26, 2015.
Capture / footages in game: TTJ & VINC of TRAC TEAM

Subtitled / Subtitles by -Hykmet-
A huge thank you for the helping hand. Thank you to him….”

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