Milsim West Road To Rostov Part 1: First Contact (40 hour Airsoft Game) – Jet Desert Fox!

YEA JET!  Get some!…See the whole series of the latest and greatest MSW EVENT!

“Part 1 of the epic Milsim West event Road To Rostov. This event took place at Hill 559 in Clovis, California. The AO was massive and the weather really helped set the mood that we were actually fighting in Russia.

This series will follow members of
58th Army Group
22nd Spetsnaz Brigade
1st Platoon 3rd Squad
As they fight to repel NATO Forces from invading Rostov.

E&L AK47 used in this series –

This video was brought to you by JAG Precision and Unicorn Leah. I forgot my micro SD card home so Leah let me use her’s. Check out here videos of the event here –…


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