Valken Tactical 3G Ear Pro – Video Demo from Josh on YouTube

Interesting concept…but we kinda wonder how this will work with insurance coverage rules and regs that are ever-tightening for field owners and event ‘runners…??? ¬†Your Thoughts?….

Screen Shot 2015-05-22 at 12.39.28 PM“Valken Airsoft:

Valken Dealers:

Valken is known for making the most innovative, highest quality and best value products on the market for whatever shooting sport you’re into. This means producing the highest quality products at fair and competitive prices. Valken has combined years of experience and knowledge with a unique raw edge for toughness which brings a freshness that has been sorely lacking.

Valken Tactical has done it again with the 3G Wire Mesh Ear Protector which provides you with protection and color selection at a great price. This new 3G wire mesh eat protector from Valken give you the protection you need while remaining comfortable and affordable.

-Ear protection only
-Works with Valken Tactical 2G Wire Mesh Tactical Mask
– Available in 3 colors (Tan, OD, Black)…”


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