Scoutthedoggies POV – Airsoft Combat Photographer – Video on YouTube

This one’s a ‘wee different from old Scouty…he was wearing some kind of fancy glasses-cam rig, and shooting with his DSLR at the same time.  Every time the big cam’ came into view, it blocked the video.  So…making lemonade from lemons, he worked in the still shots he took…and at this posting it was the #1 vid (once again) for airsoft on YouTube this date!  DUDE IS A MONEY & VIEWS MACHINE NOW!

Screen shot 2015-05-25 at 5.57.19 PM

“What’s it like to be Scoutthedoggie? This is my POV as I run around taking photos, looking for action.

Filmed using Pivothead Durango camcorder glasses, more info via this link…

The photos taken in this video are posted on
Instagram: Instagram…


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