STOLEN! – Henry River Recon need your help! – Via NC Airsoft & Facebook

Screen shot 2015-05-25 at 7.51.05 PM

We got a Ping from the Henry River Recon guys about this break-in and theft from their ‘team site” and we can only encourage anyone and everyone to be-on-the-lookout for these guns and gear…. HRR are some solid, great players and good guys who need everyone’s help to bust the scum-buckets behind this!

PING THIS LINK for the HRR E-Mail!:

“Hi all,
I have been informed by Gen. Lowman of HRR that we have had 5 items stolen from our property.
There were four m4’s and a g3 shorty stolen from HRR HQ, plus a lipo charger. This is easily a thousand bucks in equipment. the guns and charger all have markings on them that designate them as ours. The suspect was driving a black hatchback and the incident occured on Tuesday. if you see anything or have any information regarding to this theft, please let us know…”


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