DesertFox Airsoft: Buffalo BattleGround – Western New York’s Best Indoor Field – YouTube

Wow!  Great walk through by JET from the Desert Fox/Unicorn Leah visit there in May!  This looks like a heck of a place to play!

“Buffalo BattleGround in Tonawanda, New York is easily one of the best indoor fields I’ve been to.
They only play semi-automatic, so you don’t have to worry about being sprayed with over 9,000 BBs at close range.
There is a bar and grill on site, so you don’t need to leave to get food or drink. If you’re 21 and older you can drink right after playing airsoft.
The field layout is fun and challenging especially with the two story buildings. They also play a wide variety of game types, not just team death match.

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