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Bondoufle, May 26, 2015
CYBERGUN, a world leader in recreational shooting, this new policy initiatives to support the offensive part of its development plan. As announced, the plan plans to restore sustainable dynamic growth thanks to reconquer shares market on the business heart of AirSoft and a broadening of the range activities
Related leisure shooting (caliber .22 and 4.5 mm).
Intensification of the fight against counterfeiting
CYBERGUN launches right now a global campaign against counterfeiting. This offensive builds on the increasing attacks against importers and resellers of counterfeit products and the launch of an awareness campaign for retailers and consumers on social networks. The goal is to alert the public to risks related to counterfeiting (concealment of legal counterfeiting and injury risk related to the use of poor quality products and do not meet the stringent criteria Quality imposed by the Group).
CYBERGUN intends to regain lost market share because they have invested enough to respect the rights of its unique portfolio of brands Legendary such as COLT, FN Herstal, KALASHNIKOV, SMITH & WESSON, SWISSARMS, etc.
Signature of over 4 million euros of framework contracts over 3 years in Poland and Asia
The return to growth also means an intensification of the global trading network.
In a logic of optimizing its direct and indirect presence CYBERGUN chose strengthen its partner network in key areas. The Group is proud to announce the signing of two framework agreements on Eastern Europe and Asia.
CYBERGUN announcement and the signing of an exclusive marketing agreement with a powerful player in the Polish market. This multi-year agreement provides for a minimum guaranteed income CYBERGUN who happen to KEUR 250 of annual sales in Poland to 500 KEUR in 2015, 650 in 2016 and 800 KEUR KEUR in 2017.
For Asia, CYBERGUN has signed an exclusive contract for the premium brand INOKATSU with the industry leader, REDWOLF AIRSOFT. Cybergun will thus be based on a powerful network of physical stores and e-commerce sites. The multi-year contract calls also guaranteed income that will pass the annual turnover of KUSD 600 in 2015 to 850 KUSD in 2016 and 1 million USD in 2017.
For Paul CHU, Managing Director of REDWOLF AIRSOFT: “We are very excited about this Cybergun partnership that will allow us to develop their brand Premium INOKATSU, that is just what is done best in the field today the AirSoft. Together, we aim to offer collectors and gamers a incomparable experience with our larger than life replicas. “
In total, these contracts enable the Group to secure sales above 4 million over 3 years. CYBERGUN confirms the attractiveness recovered from partners weight.
Acceleration of strategy in Latin America: 0.8 MEUR new orders!
The group also announced that 800 KEUR orders were recorded following a trip organized by the sales team in Latin America in early May. These important amounts are in addition to those from ordinary activities and those signed at the IWA Show in
Nuremberg early March 1. To date, already the sales and already achieved on this area title of the 2015/2016 financial year (opened 1st April) represents 50% of the annual target and
the equivalent of the turnover on the entire 2013/2014 financial year.
The establishment of a new network of distributors in Latin America and piloting this strategic area from the office of the Group in Madrid possible to envisage a doubling
Sales in this region for the 2015/2016 financial year.
Amplification agreements with German Sports Guns (GSG)
Finally, CYBERGUN announces the final signing agreements binding to CYBERGUN with GSG development of new templates (4.5 mm and .22 caliber) 2 but permission GSG to develop products under the brand license SWISS ARMS and the purchase by CYBERGUN of GSG GSG products including the G14.
The signing of a license to use the brand SWISS ARMS for the benefit of GSG on products and .22 caliber 4.5mm means of receipts under the billing royalties and expansion of territories where the .22 caliber and 4.5 mm will be present.
Thus, through this agreement, GSG will provide these products directly to Canada, where the Group area now has a low implantation.
As part of its development plan next 3 years, the Group expects a amount “conservative” of about € 1.5 million of income from the signing of contracts licensing the brand SWISS ARMS.  “

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