Eye Injury Study says bad things about Airsoft and Kids..but mostly…PARENTS! – Time/WSJ and More

Screen Shot 2015-06-03 at 5.09.26 PM

NOT GOOD NEWS!  But it seems most of the reporting on this study from Stanford University puts the cause properly in the hands of PARENTS in supervision, use and eye-pro…

Interesting to see former (??)-airsoft business guy John Steele quoted in the Time article, too…

““These results demonstrate that air guns can cause severe, yet preventable, eye injury among the pediatric population,” explained Dr. Douglas Fredrick. “To reduce rates of pediatric eye injury, both practitioners and air gun companies should promote and lobby for eye safety mandates among all air gun users. Furthermore, changes in state policy to regulate possession and usage of air guns among minors may be warranted to reduce rates of accidental injury.””

Links to the various parts of the story…most will cost you money, but welcome to today’s Journo-dilemma;

TIME Magazine online LINK HERE

Wall Street Journal ($$) LINK HERE

Stanford Medicine SCOPE website online LINK HERE

Science Direct.com’s link to the original Paper ($$) from Rachel Lee and Dr. Douglas Fredrick  LINK HERE


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