NATION’S END With EVIKE and Desert Fox Airsoft @ BALLAHACK! – Facebook

Screen shot 2015-06-06 at 10.48.26 PM

WHAT WILL SUNDAY’S FIGHT HOLD FOR BOTH SIDES?  We’ll be passing along other AAR’s and battle reports from EVIKE and Jet DesertFox, who are running this one at the Mighty B!

“NATIONS END DAY 1: Overwhelming Victory for CON forces! Both sides fought well and the day ended with smiling faces but The Coalition of Nations clearly overran ExecOps Facility and the majority of their assets. As the fight continues tomorrow CON begins in the heart of Execops previously owned Town with now outnumbered and battered forces in their final attempt to reclaim what is theirs. Join the fight! Walkons- ons allowed tomorrow… especially for Exec Ops (green)….”


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