The Man Behind American Milsim – RedWolf Airsoft RWTV on YouTube!

The “unsung hero” of American MilSim…or is he just the “quiet professional,” thrusting his partners in front of the cameras and hiding in the background?  Meet and greet RICK KASTNER, as THE Kaiju ‘sets ’em down’ for a one-on-one at Op BROKEN HOME for RWTV and all of us.  Lots of known-unknowns in this one, and all these ‘talkies posting up from Redwolf over on their channel…WELL DONE!

“Let’s get to know the man behind American Milsim, Rick Kastner. RedWolf’s Kaiju gets Rick to open up about American Milsim, how he got into Airsoft, what his first Airsoft gun was, and many more questions!…”


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