RUDY JACKS UP A PDW! – Bingo Airsoftworks TM MP7 PolarStar JACK Conversion – YouTube

Is there ANYTHING that Rudy touches that doesn’t come out with you saying either “How does he do that?” or, “Dang, I have to get one of those!”   EXCELLENT work, showing just how compact the JACK is, and what the potential might be for modders/builders to take USA DIRECT AIR into whole new dimensions!

Screen shot 2015-06-08 at 12.03.47 AM

“This video is a sneak peek at the TM MP7 PolarStar JACK conversion. It is a complete drop in kit that doesn’t require the MP7 to be disassembled. It maintains full capability (safe, semi, full auto) and the ejection port cover is still functional. The drop in kit will be available when the PolarStar JACK is officially released.…”


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