Tokyo Marui Hit A Big Milestone As They Celebrate 50 Years Of Business – Popular Airsoft

Screen shot 2015-06-13 at 11.44.33 PM

History and pride on display!  GREAT COVERAGE by OptiPrime and his contact in Japan of this MAJOR EVENT…FIFTY YEARS for TM!  Man, almost as old at the Thump-man!  CONGRATS TO TOKYO MARUI from all your fans here in the USA!  And hat tip to Vic, the only media guy who could pull this all together!

“With all the news happening in airsoft this year such as new technologies that promise to bring our airsoft experience to whole new level, there is something that many airsoft players around the world failed to notice. The company that defined and molded airsoft to what it is right now, and carried the torch of the industry when other companies fell along the way, celebrated its 50th year as a business early this week.

Last 8th of June 2015, Tokyo Marui celebrated their golden year as a company at the Hotel New Otani in Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo. The Hotel New Otani is a very famous hotel that…”


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