Airsoft Mortar! – Nerf Rockets! – DILES46 on YouTube!

DILES46 gets down to the root of the problem!  WE NEED A SOURCE FOR MINI HOWLERS…or a bigger mortar system that uses the larger footballs with whistles!  COME ON AIRSOFT MANUFACTURERS, GUN MODDERS and Potato-Launcher junkies…MAKE THIS HAPPEN as a reliable part of the game!

“Nerf vortex footballs and Airsoft?! Ok, I guess… Just make sure it whistles! Footage of an airsoft mortar strike killing!
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One thought on “Airsoft Mortar! – Nerf Rockets! – DILES46 on YouTube!

  1. the trick with the howlers is geeting a good enough seal around the rocket to launch it as well as a proper diameter barrel stock. As someone who has built a shoulder fired mini nerf launcher I would love to use the howlers for your very reason because yes, a screaming rocket is better to let targets know. I have used my launcher out at Fort Ord here in CA. Thankfully my launcher is loud enough to let the entire field it has been fired so everyone onows its been fired. But I agree, for a morter the noise makers would be better.


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