GEAR TIPS: Ageing WWII Props – German M24 stick grenade – WWII Militaria on YouTube

Screen shot 2015-06-20 at 1.28.34 PM

Some of you guys are sticklers for making every part of your ‘kit look battle-worn and ready.  That’s why we think a lot of the videos from the reenactor community should be part of your viewing and doing ‘diet’….like this fast-‘n-simple way of making a ‘potato-masher’ look like it has been stuffed into a German soldier’s belt or boot-top after months of shipping and an airdrop into occupied (insert hob-nail trodden jack-boot overrun country name here.)

Simple. Fast. Effective.  And a heck of a lot better than the squeaky clean looking ‘masher everyone else has off-the-shelf.  Search out the other videos on this Channel…or just ping props, weathering, reenacting or other terms in your search engine to get more ideas!

“How to age ww2 props for your movies!“…


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