KWA/PTS GBBR Masada – RedWolf Airsoft RWTV on YouTube

Tim’s picked up bad habits from BOB THE AXE MAN at ASGI during his latest live show appearance…(Your shoutout is *double snap* APPROVED!)

This is sort-of a part two to the intro video…watch both to get up to speed on one of the most-anticipated guns to come from the KWA/PTS stable ever…and, hit those links to say thanks to REDWOLF AIRSOFT for their excellent videos, too!

“Tim has already done a sneak preview of the GBBR Masada a couple weeks ago and so he will only cover the other features he didn’t mention the last time around. He will also take it to the range to see how well it will perform.

If you have not seen the previous review, click here:…

Here is the link to the PTS GBBR Masada:…”


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