KHAN SEB! – TAR-21 Hephaestus GBBR (Project T) – on YouTube

Doing what he does BEST!  Shootin’-‘n-showin’ the PROJECT T GBBR from Hephaestus that we’ve passed on LINKS to earlier…yea, if the French Airsoft Dude can get his gloved-mitts on them, he’s gonna hit record and pass it on to you!  BONUS…turn on the CC and translate into your language to see what he DOESN’T SAY as you enjoy the pure shooting sights and sounds!

“My facebook page :
My secondary firearms channel :…
My work at Airsoft Entrepot TV :…

Nugentgl video of this gun :…
Captain Caverne review on GBB (in French) :…

I bought the gun on Samoon for 565 USD :…

The “Project T” is a Hephaestus custom. In this case it’s a TAR-21 Gbbr, based on GHK G5 parts and S&T TAR-21 AEG body, with some custom parts….”

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