REAL RUSSIAN AT! – Airsoft grenade launcher RPG-26 – Airsoft-Rus on YouTube

Yea, this is gonna be almost UNOBTANIUM for Russian geardos!  But, boy-oh-babushka, you see the video with those TAG-alike rounds going 90 meters downrange and the WANT IS STRONG!

Screen shot 2015-06-21 at 9.24.57 PM

As best we can tell, these are de-mil’ed actual RPG-26 launchers, and would probably not pass muster at a safety check anywhere short of a RUSSING RUSSIANS horde storming a MilSim West Event!  Still….you got the bucks and take the risk…you’d be the best-armed Eastern Bloc Anti-tank gunner in the West!

CLICK THE PIC ABOVE to get to the AIRSOFT-RUS product page and hit GOOGLE TRANSLATE to put it in your language!

Магазины АК74:…
Группа ВК:…”


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