Silly-Ballerz – History of an “Arms War” at the Traveling Paintball Museum – Jay Holsing on YouTube

Screen shot 2015-06-21 at 11.43.24 AM

THIS is one for the history books…but, even better, a traveling exhibit that chronicles the 1980’s and 90’s Paintball “Arms Race”…a similar phenomenon to the one that’s currently sweeping airsoft businesses, fields and players.

Screen shot 2015-06-21 at 11.46.05 AM

Paintball Marshal’s Traveling Museum of Oddities is more than a ‘side show spinnoff’ for the ‘ballerz.  Captured on video in 2007 by Jay Holsing on his YT chan, it shows the progression of technology, from the tree-marking Nelson “Nel-Spot 007” and SplatMaster up through the pump and fully-automatic offerings that changed the game, created its on levels of drama, intrigue and controversy…and eventually shaped paintball AND AIRSOFT into the games they are now.  Fascinating stuff that Thumpy remembers from the early days of our “other” game, and a cautionary tale that many in airsoft could do well to study and learn from in this age of instant celebrity, expertise and social commentary…learn before you burn, kiddies!


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