MilSim Operation: Eagle Strike – Ep. 3: Jeep Crew – RWMilSimGC on YouTube

Most defo NOT a “Jeep”…still trying to ID this one, but could be a diesel G-Wagen…anyway, nice headcam action from DV8 field in Florida…and a good look at coordinating movement and objectives when you are working with a vehicle team.  LIKE/SHARE/SUB and Comment over at their ‘chan!

“This episode is Operation: Eagle Strike Ep. 3. In this episode, Matt D and Tyler are recruited to the Jeep crew. The jeep is an armored transport vehicle with several mounted machine guns. We will be aiding the jeep as the rear dismounts and take charge of any objectives that need to be completed on foot. Though we now have the jeep’s mobility, speed, and fire power on our side, we have now become a high priority target for the enemy to take out. We hope you enjoy operation: Eagle Strike Ep. 3…

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