Jonathan’s Radio Setup, Affordable Helmet Cameras & Are Tactical Sporks OP? – Airsoftology Mondays

BIG J’s got a loaded show this week…so “…take a knee, school circle right here”…and enjoy AIRSOFTOLOGY!

“In this episode of Mondays we cover Tactical Sporks, buying guns off of Ebay, Jonathan’s radio setup and more.

Tactical Collection ballcaps can be found at

Helmet Camera links on Amazon:
$99 Black Contour Roam 2 –
$95 Red Contour Roam 2 w/ 8GB card –
GoPro hero (2015) $129 –

Jonathan’s Radio Setup:
Beofeng UV5R V2+ (fits extended battery) –
3800mAh Extended Battery for Beofeng –
Extended Range Nagoya NA-771 Antenna –
Code Red Headsets Signal-21 Speaker Mic –

Video of the week: Loyalty by DEFCON Group Media –

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