Robo-Airsoft: Pew Pew Time – Broken Home 4: Gameplay Part 1 – Airsoft Gameplay

ROBO’s back with a whole new series from American MilSim’s big springtime event…this is gonna be a cool one, as he explains what’s happening, what the plans are, what reaction is…Lots and lots of tips and tactics here…plus the cool loadout and guns/gear coverage you expect!

“Here is PART ONE of my new multipart gameplay series from American Milsim’s Operation Broken Home 4 which took place at D-Day Adventure and Paintball Park, in Wyandotte, OK; May 23-24, 2015.

In this episode – we start right from the beginning of the Op and our team’s deployment. As Delta Company Actual’s “Praetorian Guard” – our squad – Delta 6 – was tasked with advanced recon, QRF and assault duties, as well as PSD for D6A, Kaiju.

Check it out….”


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