UCP Is Dead..Long Live OCP! – Soldier Systems Daily

Screen shot 2015-07-01 at 9.29.12 AM

Our buddy ERIC at SSD has been all over the Army’s Camo Debacle like white-on-rice, green-on-grass and cosmoline-on-a-brand new M1….he was THE SOURCE for information on all the twists and turns in the OCP takeover, as he usually is every day with the best real-gear and mil-newz!  Congrats to him, but far from the end of the story.  Get hooked up with Soldier Systems Daily for your geardo fix every stinkin’ day!

Today, Things Change For The Better. This photograph was originally published on 13 August, 2009. Unfortunately, the issue it depicts didn’t get fixed until today, almost six years later.

Today finally marks the beginning of the end for the poorly named Universal Camouflage pattern which has afflicted our Army for the past 11 years.…”


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