Dan Altman pinged old Thumpy with a heads-up on something he’s just returned home from…and an event that has been on a lot of American ‘MilSim player’s ‘do-lists’…the unique OP PATHFINDER event that requires air travel, sea travel, small-boat travel up into a former top-secret submarine base…SERIOUSLY…and then days of slaying bodies and attacking/defending real-mil facilities abandoned on an island in the Adriatic!  TOO. FRICKIN’. COOL!  Also, following the video above, Dan wants you to check out the other video from fellow-players, the Dutch D-3 Team!

“Cormac and I traveled from Texas to Croatia to attended Adriatic Airsoft’s Operation Pathfinder milsim event which took place on the island of Mrcara. The AO consisted of an abandoned Yugoslav naval base, containing bunkers and a network of tunnels on a rugged island. We were joined by some of the toughest players from across Europe, who provided us with a real challenge….”


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