American Milsim Operation: Copperhead Part 3: Humvee Gunner – Jet Desert Fox!

JET is UP GUNNER for a Humvee Run with the Evike Gang!  Cool stuff here!  When isn’t a Jet Desert Fox video not a “cool stuff here?”

“Play at an American Milsim Game –

Part 3 of the American Milsim OP: Copperhead series has me in the gunners seat of the Humvee. Unfortunately, there’s a rules dispute between us and a UFS Toyota truck. This argument was very frustrating for both sides and ruined the fun time we were having. Watch the video see the outcome….

To the UFS Driver, next time pay more attention at the rules brief and get yourself some full seal eye pro. #warciminal

Special thanks to for the additional camera angles….”


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