AIR STUPID in CHICAGOLAND – Police cite 3 in the WRONG LOCATION! – Video

Screen shot 2015-07-10 at 9.21.48 AM

“…Police said officers ordered the teens to drop their weapons and two of them complied, but one did not. The teen fled and was later seen hiding in nearby brush with his weapon pointed at officers.
One officer saw the teen from a distance and drew his weapon while telling the teen to drop the gun.

“[The teen] bent his knees and then raised the weapon up,” Greco said.  Once the weapon cleared the grass, officers were able to see the orange tip….”

Just like all stories of this type…it comes down to LOCATION LOCATION LOCATION.   It might be the only lot in the ‘hood, but next to a day care center, in the open with ghillies..???

Still, fair response by LEO…although this is far from a cut-and-dried shoot-no shoot situation.  More likely being used as a ‘cite and learn for the teens and for their community.  As well it should be….

CLICK THE LINK or CLICK THE PIC to see the video from NBC 5 in Chi-Town…


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