Is this Japan’s newest “Bullet Train?” – Found by Land Warrior Airsoft – Facebook

Screen shot 2015-07-13 at 8.38.12 AM

Seems TOKYO MARUI has continued its colorful, plastic toy-making ways.  Why did no respectable airsoft media person from Japan get the low-down on these from any of TM’s show displays?  And, will it chrono at bullet-train FPS?  To join the convo…CLICK THE PIC!

UPDATE: We stand corrected by our buddy OPTI PRIME, both HYPERDOURAKU and POPULAR AIRSOFT passed this along after the Toy Show!  DOH!  Love it when we get called out!

Uh…. what? A train that fires BB’s? And they already come in honking two tone colours? Is this the future of Airsoft?


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