3 Cameras on Yanks and friends in Okinawa! – Iron Tigers & The Good Sir Knight – YouTube

This is action from the IRON TIGERS Okinawa Detachment…one of the few true teams in the game with folks spread around the globe (thanks to the USMC, OOHRAH!) and we dig it when they ping Thumpy with a “tag” saying…NEW STUFF NEW STUFF!  You can do that too…want us to share?  Just include a tag and we’ll get you into the news flow!  Great job…go tell The Good Sir Knight on his YT ‘chan or HIT THIS LINK for his FB Fan Page!



“Three camera for Redbeard, ゴジラ, and myself. We only managed to play one game this day due to rain. Still, we we’re able to keep casualties to a minimum.

Also, Redbeard landed a grenade by the books to the bunker pinning us down… but grenade kills didn’t count… Still, we took the bunker.

Also, this is the first time we’ve used three cameras. ゴジラ’s camera shoots at 60 fps, and is pretty sexy. Still, made rendering quite the challenge. LOL!…”


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