FUREY DOES GUN STREET! – Hong Kong Furey Pt.4 – Claymore Airsoft TV

Screen shot 2015-07-19 at 12.20.41 AM

In the final part of his tour, Matt Furey-King takes us all along for a whirlwind look at the most-famous street in all of airsoft…Kwong Wah Street, known far and wide as the mother lode of 24-carat airsoft parts, finds and bargains!  Thanks to Matt for the shout out in the credits, but more importantly, for cracking the code for all of us who have this trip on our Airsoft Bucket Lists!

“In the final installment of Furey takes you on a tour around the famous Kwong Wa, Monk Kok; aka Gun Street….”

Other Links for info on the HK Airsoft Scene:

CNN Travel article on shopping, mentions one of Matt’s stops: CLICK HERE!

Hong Kong Off The Grid…friends he met and mentions for the “hook up” with visitors wanting to get in on the action..and some of Thumpy’s friends from afar:  CLICK HERE!


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