JERICHO AIRSOFT’s “Super Useful Airsoft Troubleshooter” Flow Chart! – FREE!

Screen shot 2015-08-12 at 11.50.46 PM

THIS ONE is destined to be a classic…and it actually WILL help you find, fix and finish the ‘enemies’ inside your pesky AEG.  Sorry Gas Gun Guys and Gals…we’ll have to wait on version 2-Dot-Oh for that assist from JERICHO!  Well Done!  TWO THUMPS WAY UP!

“…Check out the flowchart above, it’s not going to teach you everything about teching airsoft guns, but it will tell you quickly what’s wrong.

Please don’t be worried about print it out & put it in your field bag, share it, link to it, bookmark it, whatever anyone needs to do, make sure this is useful to as many people as possible….”


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