The Hong Kong Sports Expo 2015 and ROSS show – FLUDBLUD on YouTube

Screen shot 2015-08-16 at 12.57.00 PM

LANGUAGE: But funny!  Love us some FLUDBLUD, and this time he takes us on to the floor for last week’s ROSS Show in Hong Kong!  NICE!

“Me at the Recreational Outdoor Shooting and Survival (ROSS) section of the Hong Kong Sports Expo 2015 held in the KITEC centre meeting a bunch of friends and movers in the industry. This was originally supposed to be a bit more serious but as you can see it rapidly descended into general fuckery haha.

Special thanks to Redwolf Airsoft, Ares and Supreme Co for their presence at the show and putting up with me and also HKOTG who are featured in this vid.

Redwolf Airsoft’s youtube channel…

Also head over to HKOTG’s youtube channel for a more in depth look at the show in general.……”


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