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LANGUAGE, but hey, they ‘is big boyz and are getting right to the heart of the LION CLAWS series events coming up across the fruited plain!  Watch, then LIKE/SHARE/SUBSCRIBE!

“TWiA gets all the secrets on IRENE 2015 from the Wizard pulling the strings behind the scenes

Operation Irene, October 9-11, 2015

There will be FOUR COs running IRENE in the 2015 epic battle! Col.(RET) McKnight’s Rangers, MSG (RET) Mullen’s “Delta” will fight against the “Somali National Army” led by Sgt. Igor Dobroff along with “Somali Civilian Fighters” led by SFC (RET) “Bubba” Moore!

From Shanty Town to Afghan Village, from West Woods to Cement Factory, from Train Wreck to Subway, this massive battle ground will test your skills and endurance.

A $10,000.00 check will be presented to a representative from the Special Operations Warrior Foundation on Sunday during Closing Ceremony per our annual IRENE tradition.

Gear Up! Get Ready to Move Out!

Registration opens August 8, 2015.

Sign up now!!
Individual Registration
Squad Registration

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