The Thumpy Challenge: Quest for the ultimate Airsoft gun?

OK, serious question here. If you were going to put a new HPA unit in ANY airsoft AEG “body”, what is the toughest gun you personally have own you would use? What gun has stood up to all the abuse you could throw at it…yet seemed to never work with a mechbox/gears/piston and spring?

Screen shot 2015-03-28 at 2.55.10 PM

What I’m going for here is….WHAT GUN would make the world’s toughest base gun for an upgrade project. I’d like to hear some input before we ask some of our supporting companies to actually get their components in one place, for one weekend, to BUILD THE ultimate airsoft gun, the one gun that lives up to the THUMPY CHALLENGE:

“Make them
A) Solid, like a real gun
B) Accurate at a reasonable range
C) Innovative in a new design of mechanism to propel and guide the rounds/bb’s
D) Affordability, which will come with common-sense engineering.”


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