AIR SMART! – Iron Tigers are some of the GOOD GUYS – Facebook Fan Page

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Just one of the MANY good deeds that teams across the USA do every weekend, sending the AIR SMART message to the guys and gals they play with.  This time it just happens to be my friends here in NC, the IRON TIGERS!  Well Done!

“Last December one of our local players from our home field was the Lucky raffle winner of a Beretta M9 pistol donated by red tactical airsoft for a Toys For Tots event the Iron Tigers hosted, the winner couldn’t have been a better kid and shortly after owning the pistol it was unfortunately stolen at the field one day. It weighed on us to see the great kid so down about having his pistol stolen that members of the Iron Tigers pitched in to make light of the situation and went together with the help of Red Tactical and got him a brand new Elite Force 1911 with his name engraved in the pistol plus an extra mag. I am proud of the caliber of players we have on the team and pulling together to make this happen. Our team trains hard but when scouting New members we don’t look for the best skilled players we look for the right ones that mesh well with this crazy family.

IT-NC CO: Shadow…”


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