VIDEO: Evike Camp Ambush Training – Gun Painting & Fun Times – Team BLACKSHEEP 762

GREAT COVERAGE by Brian and the Blacksheep of the well-attended summer camp for Cali-‘softers…this DOES look like it was fun!

“The Airsoft camp hosted by Evike was a great time for everybody. I was able to help out the MSW guys and lead the kids to improvement.
The Ambush class was the final step after teaching them how to move, call out targets and engage targets and find cover.
I was the bad guy for a bit and then switched with Tang to help guide the players.
The custom gun painting class was great and showed the players how painting can be easy and your own custom design. I stayed after Jim and helped paint and point out ideas until the cans ran dry.
At night we tested the campers on their new skillset and they did much better and killed us extra good lol. Part 2 video in the works from the next morning game that follows this one.
More videos to come from the event 🙂

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