KHAN SEB shoot the G&G CM16 SR-S – On YouTube

THE FRENCH AIRSOFT DUDE is back with a shoot-‘n-show of the G&G shorty ’16…what’s he think?  READ THE COMMENTS, leave your own…and flip on those translationals, too, non-French speakers!

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Thanks to G&G for making this video possible ! Don’t hesitate to take a look at their YouTube channel here :

The CM16 SR-S is a new M4 AEG from G&G. It comes with a mosfet and an electronic trigger, which should give the gun a very nice reactivity. It also allows you to choose between 3 rounds burst or full auto.

It’s the short version here, a medium and a long version will also be available.

It’s not a full metal gun (the body is made of plastic), which makes the gun light and therefore easy to cary. I don’t know the price of this gun yet, but I believe it will be reasonnable.

In the end, the most obvious problem of this gun is…”


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