AAR: Direct Action Mission (DAM) from OP Ironclad 2 – The Frog on YouTube!

Screen Shot 2015-09-18 at 4.28.11 PM

THIS VIDEO IS INTENSE!  – Great stuff in HD from THE FROG over on his channel, but this one really, truly takes you inside the confusion and “fog of battle” that takes over in a MOUT site like Camp Shelby when things “go South” and players get pushed to the limits!  WELL DONE DUDES!   To see more from FROGGY, hit his YouTube Channel…CLICK THE PIC!

“This is the full footage from our Direct Action Mission. Our squad was mixed CoST and UFS. T-Rex was squad leader with Bone Breaker assisting. Overall we did very well for a mixed squad and accomplished the mission!

The actual mission footage is uncut and here it in it’s entirety!

Note: we did not get the powerpoint in our briefing.

I was using my Oppenheimer Airsoft custom Systema
(PTS Centurion Arms CMR rail)

American Milsim


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