AIR SMART: Getting “good press” for Airsoft in The Heartland! – Topeka Airsoft

Screen Shot 2015-09-18 at 11.03.35 AM

EXCELLENT WORK by BRETT “SNUFFY” SMITH and the gang with TOPEKA AIRSOFT, for getting another positive article into a local media outlet,  If reporters come out without an agenda, and are met by open, honest and FRIENDLY AIR SMART guys like Brett, GOOD THINGS HAPPEN!  TWO THUMPS UP!

To read the article from…just CLICK THE PIC!

“Saturdays for Brett Smith aren’t about sitting at home relaxing. They are about going to play at the Shawnee North Community Park, 300 N.E. 43rd St., and “dying” for the fun of it.

“Sadly my favorite thing about airsoft is the dying part,” said Smith, a member of Topeka Airsoft, a club that takes its name from the military-style simulation game that uses plastic or rubber BBs instead of balls of paint used in paintball….”

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