KEKS! – Teamfahrzeuge, Rauch und Raketenwerfer – DE3 Airsoft Big Game


Screen shot 2015-09-20 at 10.31.55 AM

For you non-Germanophones…the title is “Team vehicles, smoke and rocket launchers.’  ALL THE STUFF WE LOVE!  I gotta admit, though, Sparky the WonderJeep is having enough mechanical issues again to make me wonder if I’ll EVER get her fully ready for a field mission.  Thus is the life of a Jeep owner…Just Empty Every Pocket.  Sigh…

We show you various home-built team vehicles and also have an interview about done with one of the teams. In addition, here can be seen already the end of the game. The next video will then be the last of the DE3.…”


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