American Train Heros were AIRSOFTERS FIRST! – SacBee and Mona Charen – Thumpy Commentary

Heroes.  But first, they were Airsofters.  Not widely-reported outside of their hometown newspaper, the Sacramento Bee, two of the men who stopped the EU train shooter were first and always All American Boys:

Screen Shot 2015-09-21 at 4.18.32 PM

“Spencer Stone and Alek Skarlatos grew up next door to each other on a quintessential suburban street in Carmichael lined with ranch houses, shade trees and flowering shrubs.

Friends from age 7, they played with their siblings and neighbors up and down Woodknoll Way, favoring games such as Airsoft, in which participants shoot each other with realistic-looking replica guns that fire plastic pellets, said Peter Skarlatos, Alek’s older brother. Later at Del Campo High School, they played football, lacrosse and other contact sports.

We’d basically turn this neighborhood into a war zone,” the brother said, sitting on the shady front porch of his family’s ranch house Sunday afternoon. “Spencer and Alek were all action-oriented kinds of guys….”

Now that the story is out there, pundits and pols are all starting to craft-the-narative on what we all should be taking from the courage and drive that stopped a terrorist hell-bent on shooting up another target of opportunity.   Recently Mona Charen related her experience of raising boys to be men, using the story of Skarlatos and Stone (and another friend, Anthony Sadler, airsoft lineage unknown…) in her recent commentary “Manliness: An Unsung Trait of the Train Heroes…”

“…I believed then and still do that violent urges cannot be completely quashed, but they can be channeled into virtuous expression. There is all the difference in the world between using violence aggressively and using it defensively…”

That, in a nut shell, is why we see airsoft, MilSim and other healthy mil-and-weapon-centric activities as essential for today’s young men AND women.  It is a game, a sport, a lifestyle for some, that teaches important lessons of self-reliance, respect, teamwork, honor.  And, so much more.
Salutes from all your Airsoft Brothers and Sisters, men. You make us all proud.   Thumpy….OVER!

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