OPERATOR 7 REVIEW: Force Core FC-109 M4 AEG – YouTube

Screen Shot 2015-09-22 at 12.23.31 PM

Another SOLID review from our Scoop.it, YT and Media buddy OPERATOR 7.  We admit that FORCE CORE has not been on our radar until the recent reviews and ‘push’ by Gunfire of Poland to get the word out…but THIS lil’ honey is a seemingly nice gun for the money!  What do YOU think?  ?/? Would Operate?   Let OP 7 know at his vid chan.’

“Force Core is, to me and many Airsofters out there, a new name and a new player in the market.
One of my latest reviews was a first for me, not just in terms of the brand itself but also in terms of an AEG which I had never seen or used before: the M4 Spectre SMG.
So it was not so easy to gauge the actual quality of this brand (although the quality of the Spectre is seemingly good) since I had no other references.
Now with the AR15/M4 platform, things are a bit different since I consider myself not an expert, but someone who’s owned enough M4’s for long enough to be able to form an opinion on the subject!
So things are a bit clearer when looking at the FC-109 M4 AEG from Gunfire and it’s really interesting to find out how Force Core is becoming more and more a brand to keep an eye on!

Full review of the Spartac M4 AEG also from Force Core:

Force Core FC-109 at Gunfire:


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