Why Jonathan is “in a swivet” – and other stuff – AIRSOFTOLOGY MONDAYS

Screen Shot 2015-09-28 at 5.46.35 PM

Holy Southern Sayings….we say Big Jay is “in a swivet” and you’ll understand what THAT is all about at the top of this week’s wild and wacky look at all things AIRSOFTOLOGY!

CLICK THAT PIC for this week’s special link-treasure hunt, too!

“This show; Jonathan’s helping you out on the topics of “SEAL-Softers”, dry firing your gun & drops the hammer on a guy that refuses to wear eye protection on the field (plus much more!)

Code Red Headsets video of the week: BeatDownBoogie’s “Hang ‘Em Hyrule” http://youtu.be/rmDYsc7jbKA

A huge thanks goes out to Code Red Headsets for helping keep Airsoftology Mondays free for you guys and gals! Visit their site at http:/www.coderedheadsets.com for all of your airsoft communications needs.

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