Another All-American HPA System hits the scene – Protech Airsoft & Amped Airsoft

Screen Shot 2015-10-06 at 4.35.21 PM

ANTHONY from AMPED AIRSOFT holds a LONG session with ANDREW from new-guy company Protech Airsoft, introducing yet another All American designed, machined and assembled High Pressure Air drop in system for Airsoft! ┬áIf you have any questions after this Honest Guys’ overview video, you ain’t payin’ attention close enough son!…CLICK THAT PIC above to go to Protech’s Facebook fan page, which has been flying under everyone’s radar because FB Sux at delivering what we need to find….and hit up AMPED for details as these get ready to populate their sales pages and store!

“Anthony is in the studio today with Andrew from Protech Airsoft, introducing you all to the newest HPA engine about to be on the Airsoft market! The MkII is the newest contender to the High Pressure Air gun market in Airsoft, and Protech plans on setting the industry standard for quality and cost benefit to Airsofters!

The MkII and subsequent will be available from Amped Airsoft this 2015 holiday season, make sure to keep an eye on to preorder details.

Also, make sure to check out and give Protech a follow on their Facebook!……”


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