MORE VIDEOS FROM FULDA GAP 2015 – The Frog – Stampede Airsoft – FUBAR Airsoft

Screen shot 2015-10-25 at 9.01.51 PM

STAMPEDE AIRSOFT, THE FROG, FUBAR AIRSOFT and MORE ACTION in the latest batch of videos from our buddies at FULDA GAP 2015!  See ’em all and don’t forget to LIKE/SHARE and SUBSCRIBE to help these folks get views and make a couple bucks for their hard work and hustle!

THE FROG: “I was semi caught out in the open when Team Airsoft’s gun truck rolled up. Fortunately for me, the gunner was pinned down in the turret. A Frog was ready to go out in a blaze of BB fire lol!

I was using my Oppenheimer Airsoft custom Systema
(PTS Centurion Arms CMR rail)…

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“Fulda Gap 2015 Day 1 Highlight Video Part 1.

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Knight and Swiper from FUBAR Airsoft join up with their bros from Greater Pensacola Airsoft (GPA) and head out to the FULDA GAP scenario!
Day 2 and Warsaw finally gets its shit together! Check out GPA doing some work, and Swiper holding out in a bunker for like 5evar….

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