Are Police Simulation Games the Next Big MilSim? – Airsoftology Mondays – YouTube!

Screen Shot 2015-11-03 at 7.47.34 PM

Jonathan’s at the end of the big road trip, but has moved into the RV for this episode of Mondays…or did Mrs. Airsoftology lock him out of the house?  Enquiring Minds want to know…

“In this week’s Monday Q&A we cover Police simulation airsoft games, HPA conversion costs and the all important result of waffles vs pancakes.

Code Red Headsets video of the week: Ash32 Day & Night Gameplay –

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A huge thanks goes out to Code Red Headsets for helping keep Airsoftology Mondays free for you guys and gals! Visit their site at http:/ for all of your airsoft communications needs.

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