Cracking the Facade – Scoutthedoggie on camera, and his guns, too – YouTube

Screen shot 2015-11-09 at 8.38.32 AM

Which one is the world’s biggest YouTube video god…and, best guess is that its not the green guy!….Srsly, good on the guys from COMBATIVE AIRSOFT YT Chan to get these guys to sit down and talk…

“WE SAW SCOUTS FACE!!!! The hunt is finally over, we got him on camera for all of youtube to see. You are all welcome. Combative Airsoft’s interview with the youtube legend Scoutthedoggie, and Ricky, certified badass and the owner of Section 8 airsoft field where Scout records most of his airsoft videos. Watch the full length interview to find out the history and future of scouts channel, and of Ricky’s field. We asked them everything from the story behind how they got started in airsoft to their favorite gear setup when they join the war and play alongside everyone else. Enjoy the video!…”

Screen shot 2015-11-09 at 8.45.17 AM

And then….Scouty pushed out a video over the weekend showing off his current collection of guns.  Dang, we’d have figured more-in-number, but great selections of what he’s taking on the field because they all work!

“What Guns Do You Have & Do You Play?” Two of the most asked questions by viewers. So here’s what I own right now.

1 of over 500 videos at
Filmed by the No1 YouTube video maker in Scotland, over 180 Million views….”


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