Coming to America! – B.L. Tech plans a USA trip next month!

Screen Shot 2015-11-19 at 5.40.33 PM.png

You have to HEAR THIS ONE in the video below to understand why a lot of guys on the West Coast are gonna get an ear-full in December!  B.L. Tech is going to be spending a few days in L.A. and playing at a site or two still- to-be-determined…showing of their B.O.S.S. System!  To catch you up…hit THESE LINKS from Thumpy’s SCOOP.IT reporting on this INNOVATIVE company…and also CLICK THE PIC to get on the Facebook band wagon as they make more announcements on their way across the big puddle in a few more weeks!


“Just got our hands on this slick PTS KWA RM4 ERG Scout so we now have recoil on recoil, sound, plus authentic mag change.
Looking forward to the day/night game this weekend.

We are heading to the US in the first week of December to demo, promote and game….”


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