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Our Buddy SLICK AXE over at NL Airsoft is sounding the alarm on one of the most AIR STUPID regulations we’ve ever heard of.

CLICK THE PIC to read the full details and get links for your official comments to be registered with the European Union…but in a nut-shell a proposal has been pushed forward to REQUIRE COMPULSORY REGISTRATION OF AIRSOFT GUNS AS FIREARMS!

Seriously.  Is this the best you can do EU at a time of crisis?  If I was in Europe, I’d be seriously pissed even if I was not an airsofter…but you guys who have the RIGHT to play need to stand up now for ALL YOUR RIGHTS!  AIRSOFTERS ARE NOT CRIMINALS…and they don’t need to be made into criminals at a time when resources are stretched so thin to take the wolves out of the midst of law-abiding people around the world!   DO.  THIS.  NOW!

To stay up on the latest in this fight, you can also FOLLOW NL AIRSOFT’s FB FAN PAGE for threads discussing the tactics for this fight, too!  And it won’t hurt in the least to share this around the globe, too!



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