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Black Friday and Cyber Monday are upon us once again, and while you are getting bombarded by Big Box store promo madness, and Online store “promo codes,” you need to think like a “Strategic Santa” this holiday season.



When was the last time you went online to SMELL that AEG gear box? When did you drop over to a purely-online retailer to FONDLE a new pistol, or try on a plate carrier…then turn around and use a code to buy one sight-unseen and condition-unknown from a huge retailer offshore or all the way ‘cross-country?

Just as bad in our shopping “playbook”: Doing both, and then being taken in by your emotions and wasting any perceived “discount savings” when shipping, handling and taxes are added to your order, that were nearly the same as your local store or field owner’s far-better local deals?  You have already ‘shipped‘ yourself to his/her location in your car, ‘handled‘ their merch’ with your greasy/sticky fingers, and ‘taxed‘ their patience when you walk out the door empty handed…only to repeat the whole process again a week or two later.  You are the same players who bitch and moan about not having a local store or a local field to play at. Or, you gripe back-channel with me about kids playing in back lots and being AIR STUPID, because no business person in their right mind would be able to keep the lights on, pay land taxes and still put food on their holiday table with customers like you.


Look, this is the season of GIVING, and WHO YOU ARE GIVING TO. Not just who gets the shiny presents, but who you give your money to to select them with care.  A huge part of the whole “Strategic Santa” process is to think back over the past year and remember TO GIVE TO THOSE who put a smile on your face, helped you create memories of ‘battles’ and glory over objectives taken or lost, and heroic ‘deaths’ on the field of pew pew warfare.  That extra bag of BB’s, local store patch for someone’s Christmas stocking, the new parts, batteries, guns and gear will not only make you and your warrior smile when they unwrap it under the tree, it might be the sale that keeps your local field running another year, keeps someone in-stock and in business through a tough 2016 ahead, and might just keep you coming back to a place where you’ll find the spirit of the season every time you you step through the door and hear a FRIEND say hello as they smile and welcome you to your own LOCAL AIRSOFT HQ.

Be Air Smart. Be a “Strategic Santa” this year.

Buy Local FIRST…and, for you guys who live close to the big-box airsoft stores, or if you don’t have a “local store” close to you…yea, SHOP THEM, TOO.  They are YOUR ‘local stores’ (Thanks Airsoft C3!) and deserve just as much of your money and support if they make you smile.



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