More on the EU Airsoft AIR STUPID plan- Video from the EAA & Matt Furey-King

Screen shot 2015-11-27 at 7.36.11 PM.png

Our buddy Matt Furey-King puts some more perspective on the proposed AIR STUPID European Union ‘trial balloon’ being floated to have all airsofters register their replicas as if they were actual firearms or face criminal penalties…all in the name of fighting terrorism. 

AIRSOFTERS ARE NOT CRIMINALS and AIRSOFT IS NOT THE PROBLEM!…CLICK THE PIC or Matt’s link to the EAA Facebook Page for the full details and a STEP BY STEP list of things you need to do now to fight this!

“Link to full article…

The EU is voting on whether to implement a proposal which will really hurt airsoft and other parts of the firearms community….”


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