Thumpers Forever! – NEW Airsoft Milsim Grenade Launcher videos – YouTube

Screen shot 2015-12-01 at 8.21.37 AM.png

Have I mentioned WE LOVE GRENADE LAUNCHERS? Hey, its in our NAME! ¬†And, the love grows with two great vids up today from guys we follow who rock the ‘launchers HARD! ¬†Follow AIRSOFT PYROTECHNICS at their website HERE…and also hit up NinjaTurtle’s excellent YT chan and grenade “course” videos RIGHT HERE!

Comparing the real 40mm grenade launchers with the “TAG-015” for training/airsoft/paintball by TAGinn.

“Airsoft grenade launchers were used to be considered as shotguns or shoot-and-pray weapons. Now, with the availability of the TAGinn 40mm system (, TAGinn TAG 15 launcher (…), as well as my Built-in TAGinn Shell Grenade Launcher mod (…), the Airsoft 40mm grenade system has reached the level of precision and accuracy which we should give its marksmanship training some serious thoughts.

I am putting together a series of Airsoft grenade launcher marksmanship training videos adapted from U.S. Army Field Manual 3-22.31: “40-MM Grenade Launcher, M203”. The first video discussed the fundamentals: steady position, aiming, breathing, and trigger control. The second one focused on the zeroing procedures. The third one, as shown here, emphasizes on the range estimation techniques. And the fourth one and beyond will investigate the combat techniques.

Full text on range estimation:…


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